By James 03.05.2013
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  •  MVsslave: 
    I interested in female body modificatikn. Bkth viewing pictures of modified genitals and active participatind to do it.
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  •  CastratedTomcat: 
    I'm also interested in modded females! Would be very nice to have them also on a connected site. I think much here are hetero and also like this. :D
    I love it to see both, male and female moddings. :)
    ... wow, poll with 500+ positive reactions ... wow!
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  •  profunrat: 
    There should be a "sister" site intended for women, who seek or have body mods. In the interest of true gender equality, no exclusioms should be made, and potential modders of both genders must be allowed to participate. Because of the delicate subject matter, anonymity must be of great importance, so I oppose thecudea of a pay-for site, which can collect personalized information by the way of plastic cards. There are other ways of collecting revenue like by anonymous donations or advettising by relevant businesses and suppliers of specialized paraphenalia.
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  •  HalfSplittedGlans: 
    yes please
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  •  Interested: 
    Hoping a female site happens.
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Los Angeles
03.05.2013 (1758 days ago)
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